Speaker & Cabinet Services

Guitar and amplifier in check? We can take your tone further by giving some TLC to your cabinet.

Speaker Replacement

Don't neglect one of the most important pieces of your rig. Dropping some quality speakers into that dusty old cabinet can make an astounding difference! Contact Wilddutch today for a consultation.

Hand Wiring

IGP super heavy duty silent speaker cable for maximum low frequency. Also available in super silent reverse polarity guitar cable.

With the demise of Monster Cable I have designed a super silent speaker cable manufactured by Innovative Guitar Products that is completely noiseless. It has a lifetime guarantee.

Re-Wiring Done Right

We go the extra mile in every case, removing the dangerous mono/stereo/impedance switch plates & duplicate jacks and then rewiring to a single mono impedance. A failed or burned selector switch can mean catastrophe to an amplifier!

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