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We offer a full menu of services and repair for guitarists and bassists nationally.

Established in 1994

John "Wild Dutch" Boehnlein is an internationally recognized consultant, author, and inventor. He opened Wild Dutch's Guitar Hospital in his Hollywood, California apartment in 1994 while still a student at the Guitar Institute of Technology. Since his return to Northeast Ohio in 1995, Wild Dutch's Guitar Hospital has grown and prospered without the aid of traditional advertising; instead word of mouth has been the key to his success.

Author & Inventor

John "Wild Dutch" Boehnlein is the author of two internationally published books; The High Performance Marshall Handbook, Innovative Guitar Products, LLC which produced a second printing because of the high demand for this book and Basic Guitar Adjustments and Setups, published by Hal Leonard Corporation. Both books are available from Wild Dutch’s Guitar Hospital. He also is the inventor of "The Flying Dutchman", the world's first and only patented two-sided vibrato bar.

John is a St. Ignatius High School graduate and therefore a Man for Others. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Communications at Cleveland State University where he worked on lighting and sound design for the Theater Arts Department’s Technical theater course and was in the university chorus. After graduation he sailed on the tall ship H.M. S. Rose for one season sailing the Atlantic coast and the Great Lakes. The H.M S Rose was the H.M S. Surpirise in the movie Master and Commander starring Russell Crow.

Serving Musicians & More

John "Wild Dutch" Boehnlein has served the needs of budding students, musicians, music stores, parents, teachers, manufacturers, garage bands, and touring professionals to rave reviews and continuous repeat business and referrals.


John recycles everything possible, composts, scraps all metals, and has brought his five acre property back to its original, natural state to encourage wildflower and plant growth for bees and promoting grazing and protection for wildlife. No pesticides or chemicals are used at this property.

Interview, 9/1/1999 Euphony Magazine

By Bonita Berger

Whilst winding my way around the Powemad venue, I came across an interesting sight/site…proclaiming WILD DUTCH’S GUITAR HOSPITAL, in large letters and featuring all manner of esoteric guitar parts (of which I confess total ignorance). Manned by a very laid back critter with a HUGE smile, fronted by a shiny red guitar with a sign proclaiming “try me”….if both women and journalist’s possess large reservoirs of curiosity, and I am both…this was sure bait.

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