Serving the International
Music Community since 1994


Thank you for your interest in Wild Dutch's Guitar Hospital. With multitudes of satisfied customers, year in and year out, you too can be assured of the highest level of professional customer service.

I started Wild Dutch's Guitar Hospital to give players personal, individual, one on one attention. The Hospital is a place where much more than fixing guitars takes place. Here, I prepare instruments so players can become intimately connected with their creativity, and not be limited by the mechanics of their gear. I make instruments and equipment sound the best that they possibly can. I open up new worlds of tone, gain, sustain, noise reduction and tuning stability and bring all of the mechanical elements together. As a result, players can perform worry free and are liberated to pursue their musician performance to their heart's content. When it comes to musical performance, nothing is more important than giving players complete freedom of expression.

Attention to detail, excellent customer service, and maximum impact tone is what Wild Dutch's Guitar Hospital is all about. My work speaks for itself.

John "Wild Dutch" Boehnlein