Guitar & Bass Services

Wild Dutch can service any brand of guitar or bass. From basic setups to custom hot rodding, we've got your axe covered.


A basic guitar setup generally include correct restringing, strobe tuning, cleaning/oiling/polishing of frets, fingerboard, and finish, tightening of hardware, basic electronic service, and all necessary mechanical adjustments.

  • Professional, high-tolerance adjustments to within 1/64th" or less accuracy.
  • All work done with Peterson Stroboscopic tuners to achieve 1/100th of a cent accuracy.
  • Low Frequency services including 7, 8, and even 10-String instruments as well as alternate and de-tuned.
  • Acoustic services including all types from flatops, hollowbody, semi-hollowbody etc.


Unique, custom, or specialized modification services are also available, including:

  • Pickup Replacement
  • Wiring & Electronic Changes
  • Custom Bridges
  • And More!


Have a tired old axe or vitage treasure that's in dire need of some TLC? Wild Dutch offers full restoration services that can breathe some life into your beloved gear. Structural repair, painting and refinishing is just the tip of the ice berg. We've got what it takes to bring that guitar back from the dead!


Broken neck? Cracked headstock? Faulty wiring? Whatever the ailment is, we can nurse your guitar or bass back to health. Replacement parts available. Contact us for more info.

Vintage Oiling™

Over many years of restoring dry wood products we have developed a method to reinvigorate dry wood. We have remediated many types of dry wood such as necks, bodies, fingerboards and even arch-top bridges. By returning dry wood srufaces to their original moisture content that has been lost due to overly dry conditions.

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